Our Story

My name is Jamie and I run this small business with my Husband, Nick. Together we have three beautiful daughters, Kenzie, Rylee and Blakely. We started our business in December 2018.

I have worked in Veterinary Medicine 2007! I have been in almost every position starting from walking boarders while I was in High School, reception, surgery, to becoming Operations Manager. Since having my three kids, I have been able to go part time in clinic as a Veterinary Technician.

My Husband Nick graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and he honestly is a jack of all trades! 

I started this business as a way to combine my love of crafts and animals. I really enjoy making requests a reality and being able to add that personal touch on all of our orders. Making connections all over the world is a beautiful thing and I love repeat customers! 

Nick is the handy man and does all the hard work while I get to make everything pretty! He enjoys designing, making things with epoxy and picking out the perfect colors and glitters!

We both work jobs outside of our home on top of this business and raise three small children. We are always working on ways to improve and find balance while making you the best quality of products.