Ordering Shortcuts & Turn Around Time

You will notice some changes with abbreviations on each listing. This is because I make and offer so many things, I am trying to keep items as transparent as possible for easy shopping.

As always, We do our best to stick to these but we are a family first. There may be delays. I post regular updates on my facebook business page, be sure to follow or reach out with concerns. 

Turn around time can vary or be extended if there is an increase in orders as each item is handmade.

RTS (Ready to Ship) Pre-made and ready to ship. Allow 7 days

MTO (Made to Order) Needs to be made according to your order requests. Allow 7 to 21 days

PO (Pre-Order) Pre-orders have a longer turn around. They do not start until pre-order is closed. Allow 7-28 days, may take longer depending on item/s and order volume.

Mystery boxes ship as scheduled according to calendars posted monthly. Usually 2-4 weeks after box closes.

This turn around does not apply to custom orders.

I make a ton of different items so please bare with me as I update my website. Please follow me on Facebook @ForeverKennedy for a full list of items.